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Say Goodbye to Odor All Day, Naturally! 


Introducing our premium natural deodorant - it's your daily essential for a fresh and confident you. Unlike traditional stick deodorants, our formula is gentle, effective, and goes the extra mile to keep you odor-free. Here's why you'll love it:






Our deodorant is solid, but it's not your ordinary stick. It's semi-soft, and it's packaged in an eco-friendly glass jar for a touch of class. Applying it is a breeze - use the included scoop or simply your clean fingertips.


Once in contact with your body, our deodorant gently melts into your skin, leaving you feeling fresh and confident. No clogging, no irritation, just pure, natural protection.


And the best part? We don't compromise on quality. Our formula is water-free, alcohol-free, and glycol-free, ensuring your skin's health and comfort. It's safe for your underarms, your feet, or anywhere odors try to sneak in.


Choose the natural way to stay odor-free all day. Try our natural deodorant today and embrace the difference!


Natural, Aluminum Free Deodorant 2.5 oz

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  • ** Ingredients:  Arrowroot, Coconut Oil*, Baking Soda, Candelilla Wax, Zinc Oxide, Cocoa Butter*, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil*


    **Before using the first time it is recommended to perform a patch test for sensitivity.
    How To Perform a Patch Test
    Choose a small, discreet, patch of skin, such as behind an arm or behind an ear. Then apply a small amount of the product in question, according to the product directions, and rub it in. Allow it to dry. Do not wash that area for at least 24 hours and watch for signs of a reaction such as abnormal redness or irritation. If an adverse reaction occurs discontinue use.

    Please note that adverse reactions are the exception and are not common.

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