who we are

Basic Plus is a family owned and operated business that develops and distributes quality, natural skincare products.  We began by formulating products for our own personal use after being disappointed by the ingredients listed in other “natural “ products. Why so many unnatural additives in products touting natural? Our plant-based topicals include nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, leaving out unnecessary fillers and synthetic chemicals.


No water, No benzene, No alcohol, No preservatives, No BHT, No EDTA, No formaldehyde, No PEGs, No mineral oil, No palm oil, No glycerin, No parabens, No phenoxyethanol, No phthalates, No silicone, No SLES, No synthetic colorants, No fragrance, No triclosan, No nano zinc oxide, No microbeads


The Basic Plus full line of creams, massage oils, balms, soaps and baby products are all made with the finest plant-based raw ingredients*; minimally processed and time tested for generations for both their safety and beneficial properties.


Though we started in a kitchen, we now process and package all our products in a cleanroom environment following Good Manufacturing Practices at our Addison,IL facility. 


cruelty free non gmo organic and natural


The basic plus family/Test Bunnies 


Our Cleanroom