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Elevate your skincare routine with our exquisite Basic Plus Skin Cream infused with organic, plant-based butters and oils. Crafted for both your face and body, our cream is your key to instant hydration, leaving your skin irresistibly smooth and delightfully fragrant. A little goes a long way to rejuvenate and nourish.

For Healing Dry, Cracked Hands and Feet

Our cream was born out of necessity in a family of healthcare professionals. With constant hand washing taking a toll on their skin, our two dedicated nurses turned to our formula during and after their demanding shifts. The result? Their hands stayed supple and healthy, day in, day out.

To experience the remarkable healing power, generously apply our cream to those distressed areas as needed. Take a moment to gently massage it in or for an extra treat, generously slather and slip into cotton moisturizing gloves for hands or cotton socks for feet. Let the cream work its magic overnight, and prepare to be amazed by the transformation.
Our unique blend includes organic shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, and a medley of skin-loving carrier oils like Rosehip, Calendula, and Lavender essential oils, alongside 12 other essential oils, all whipped into a luscious cream. This rich formulation penetrates deep to soothe, heal, and pamper your skin. 
Packaged in a glass jar with a cosmetic scoop included, our commitment to quality is evident in every detail.
Experience Small-Batch Craftsmanship
At Basic Plus, we take pride in handcrafting our skin creams in small batches, right in our on-site cleanroom. This ensures the highest standards of quality and care in every jar.
Choose from the timeless Lavender or the bold Lavender Spice, and let the transformative power of our exquisite ingredients leave you in awe as they restore and rejuvenate your skin.


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Wholesale All Natural Skin Cream

  • Apply to body and face, re-apply as needed throughout the day. Preservative-free; use the included scoop -or clean dry hands- to remove cream. Basic Plus Cream is very concentrated, a small amount is all you need.